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Toronto is Canada’s fastest growing tech hub

And TalentTank Recruiting is Toronto’s fastest team building experts.

Do you need a team set up on a timeline? Are you new to Toronto’s growing tech and IT environment? We’ve spent the last several years growing our business in Canada’s largest city, and there’s no one better if you’re looking to expand into the Toronto, GTA, or Golden Horseshoe region with a team.

Find Local Talent

Toronto is ranked the fastest growing region in North America for new IT ventures. Being close to some of Canada’s best accredited universities, there’s no better place to start sourcing for highly-skilled employees.

Plan Logistics with Local Experts

Not sure what you need in a team? We’ve worked closely with experts from across the industry including expertise in Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Data Science, DevOps and much more. 

We can help you scope the skills and qualifications of the team you want, lowering the turnover time and providing better experts at the right price.

Know the Job Market and How to Leverage It

Toronto is our specialty, and we know the job market better than anyone. A partnership with us comes with years of experience building teams like yours within the region. We’re happy to provide insight and legwork when it comes to expanding your business into Canada’s hottest tech hub.

Ready to start a team? We’re ready to help.

Please send us an inquiry with details of the kind of business you’d like to build in Toronto, and we’d be happy to provide you with a full breakdown of everything you’ll need to create an expert team on a timeline.

Trust the experts who know the experts.

Building your team in the GTA!